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The perfect tool for the disassembly and re assembly of most all of Rick Hinderer Knives folding Knives. If your the kind of person who likes to customize your Hinderer to “Make it your Own” or just want a handy tool to maintain your knife then the Hinderer Knives Armorer’s Tool Kit is for you!

Rick Hinderer


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This pocket size kit is a complete disassembly tool. It includes a built in spanner wrench, which makes it very easy to hold both the wrench and the knife at the same time while making pivot adjustments. The head unscrews from the main body, which contains a precisely machined screw driver blade that matches the slot on the pivot screw of most all of Rick Hinderer Knives folder pivot screws. The head will also hold any standard 1/4″ bit. We include a 5/64″ hex that works on the XM-18 3.5″ & XM-24 handle screws. For use with Torx and other sized hex drives on our other models you may purchase that corresponding bit from any online or regular hardware store. The crossed drilled hole in the male end is there so you can use it as a “T” handle for extra torque. These are made from 17-4 PH hardened stainless steel with a bead blasted finish

Weight: 0.5 oz
Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 5 in

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