Brass Lockbar Stabilizer


Our Brass Lockbar Stabilizers (LBS) are a direct replacements for the stock stainless steel model. Made from 360 Brass.

Our replacement Lockbar Stabilizers will work with all XM folders, as well as the Eklipse and ZT 0392.

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SKU: brass-lock-stabilizer
Category: Eklipse/ZT0392 Hardware, Rick Hinderer XM Hardware, XM Lockbar Stabilizers, XM-18 3.5″ Hardware, XM-18 3" Hardware, XM-24 4″ Hardware

Please use great care when installing your new Lockbar Stabilizer. You will require a .050″ Hex wrench or driver to replace the LBS. We suggest using Wiha Tools – Precision Driver pn# 26313

When removing or installing, make sure your tool is seated all the way into the screw before turning. Install your new LBS with the knife open so you can apply pressure downward, away from the lockbar to prevent the lockbar from rubbing on the LBS. Please make sure not to over tighten during re-installation!

Additional information
Weight: .5 oz
Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 5 in

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