Card Series: XM-18 3.5″ Harpoon Spanton Stonewash

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Card Series Set includes:

  1.  Knife: XM-18 3.5″ Harpoon Spanto: Stonewash
  2. Pen : Spiral Extreme Duty Pen Stainless Steel
  3. Dice: Titanium
  4. Poker Chip: Titanium
  5. Pelican Case: 1170 case

There are only 52 knives in this series. You will receive a card (Knife) at random. Who knows what hand you will be dealt!

There is a limit of one set per person.


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Rick Hinderer Knives Card Series XM-18 3.5″ Knife
Below will be included in Card Series Set:
     1) XM-18 Gen 6 minus, Harpoon Spanto blade: Stonewash
     2) Red suit cards the handles will be red g-10, black suit cards the handles will be black
     3) Each knife will have the suit and the card laser deep engraved on the lockside
     4) On each knife the handle screws and the handle nuts will have each suit laser engraved example                             Heart,Diamond,Club,Spade
     5) Each knife the clip and tab will have the suit laser engraved on it.
     6) On each blade the suit will be laser engraved on the “flipper” tab.
     7) The knife will be serialized 1 to 52 there will be 52 knives in the series, one for each card
      Each set will have a matching Extreme Duty pen made from stainless with the new spiral pattern body. The            cap will be laser deep engraved with the knife card suit and card. This will make the pen unique to the knife.
      Each set will include a set of custom made titanium dice made here at The Ranch! The dice will have a normal        numbering pattern and where the “1” is there is a deep laser engraved RHK Horse logo. The edges and the            number “divots” are anodized blue with the flats being a brushed satin finish. A really cool addition to this set        that your friends will definitely take notice!
Poker Chip
      Of course a card series knife set has to have a custom made poker chip! I have done just that with these          custom made titanium poker chip/challenge coin! Made here at The Ranch I added XM18 handle texture to the flats with the inside of the face milled in and the Horse logo mill engraved in. On the obverse it is again milled in and Rick Hinderer Knives mill engraved in with the addition of your cards suit and card deep laser engraved in. Then the whole thing is anodized blue and then lathe turned on the inside giving it a really nice two tone look! These chips/coins with the card suit are going to be very rare as the card series will not be done again!
Pelican case
       Everything will be housed in a top of the line Pelican 1170 case with black velvet lining

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