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Our Titanium Handle Screws for the Eklipse and ZT 0392 are replacement versions of the stock screws that came with your knife. They are available in 3 different finishes, Blue Anodized, Bronze Anodized, and Plain Finish. They are sold in a set of 6.

*Eklipse Owners* Please Note, the replacement screws are TORX T6, your stock screws could be 1/16″ Hex if your knife was built prior to 2/1/15. Those Eklipse built after 2/1/15 will have TORX T6 screws. ZT 0392 Owners, your stock screws are TORX T6.

SKU: eklipse-handle-screws
Category: Eklipse/ZT0392 Hardware

Installation Notes: Early Eklipse Owners will require a 1/16″ Hex to remove the stock screws, the replacement screws are TORX T6. If your Eklipse was built after 2/1/15 it will already have the TORX screws.

ZT 0392 Owners will only require the TORX T6.

Additional information
Weight: .5 oz
Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 5 in

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