Gear Pocket Clip

SKU: gear-theme-pocket-clip
Category: Eklipse/ZT0392 Hardware, Half Track/MP-1 Hardware, MP-1 Half-Track Hardware, Rick Hinderer XM Hardware, XM-18 3.5″ Hardware, XM-18 3" Hardware, XM-24 4″ Hardware

Make it your own! That is the Hinderer Knives motto.
This listing is for a Gear pocket clip comes in 6 different finishes; Working Finish, Stonewash, Battle Blue, Battle Bronze, Stonewash Blue and Stonewash Bronze
This is a Titanium pocket clip with working gears made of copper and brass.
The copper and brass will patina over time as it handled and exposed to our environment. These clips have been carefully packaged, but may arrive with patina already starting to develop. There are numerous metal polishes available to use if you want to polish the copper.
This clip will fit all of our folding knife models and also our HS-TacTool.

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