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Harking back to the days of beautiful color case hardened firearms we at Rick Hinderer Knives have recreated that look with our new “paint anodized” titanium Investigator Pens. The beautiful colors are attained by ” hand painting” the anodizing solution onto the pen, so no two pens are exactly alike giving you that “one of a kind” Investigator pen! The colors range from bronze to yellows to shades of brilliant blue just like a color case hardened receiver on a vintage Winchester!

The pictures shown here are just a representative example, because of the “hand applied” nature of the anodizing your pen will vary in look! (which gives you that “one of a kind” feel!

The Investigator Pen- Building on the success of the Extreme Duty pen and listening to customers who desired a smaller more easily carried heavy duty pen, I designed the Investigator Pen. I carried through the same design elements such as the deep grooves that run perpendicular to the length of the pen body as the Extreme Duty pen and even the very first heavy use pen, the Modular Pen. You will feel the overall toughness and quality as soon as you grip the pen body. You will notice the deep cut threads that hold the cap on either end of the body ensuring the toughest connection. I use Space Pen refills which are the best and toughest hard use ink pen refills on the market. This pen is also made in a modular concept, meaning we offer many different end cap options that each user may choose from. We offer these elsewhere on this website.
The Investigator Pen like all of the pens that we make are made here in Shreve Ohio in the Rick Hinderer Knives shop by skilled craftsmen using state of the art CNC technology, are hand finished and assembled and quality checked in multiply steps. You can buy with confidence knowing you are getting the best hard use, quality pen on the market!
Rick Hinderer

Flame Anodizing-This is a finish that was popularized by my friends Mick Strider and Duane Dwyer of Strider Knives. It is applied mostly to titanium but we also finish some 304 stainless steel this way. The finish calls for a sandblasted surface and then heat is applied with a small gas torch. The color comes from oxides that build on the surface which “colors” titanium and steel. You can create beautiful color patterns using this technique. Also, no two finishes are exactly the same as this is done by hand creating a truly unique piece. Therefore, be advised that the color and pattern that you will receive will NOT look just like this sample in the picture.
Rick Hinderer


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• Designed and manufactured using state of the art CNC and CAD_CAM technology.
• “Overbuilt” toughness designed to withstand all sorts of punishment
• Course threads used throughout for extra thread height which translates into a very strong tough thread able to take the punishment of everyday hard use.
• Modular design so the user may add a multitude of end attachments to configure the pen however the customer desires.
• Made from Titanium.
• Uses Fisher Space Pen full size refills (pn# SPR4B)

Each pen is individually “paint” anodized by hand so no two pens are alike. The pictures shown here are just a representation, your pen will differ


3/8” Diameter – Overall Length 4 ¼”

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