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The perfect way to organize the contents of your pockets when you empty them after a long day. At least that is what I used these very high quality fine leather Valet Trays for! Not only do they hold a large amount of whatever you want to throw in them but the tray does it in style! Numerous leather stampings of your favorite brand stamped into the cowhide and then meticulously died a rich brown color. These valet trays are handcrafted by our Amish friends over at Woodland Harness and as you know the Amish know a thing or two about working with leather!!


Rick Hinderer


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SKU: Valet Tray Rectangle - Brown
Category: Gear, Leather Goods, Recent Misc

Leather valet tray . Features alternating  logo embossed into the leather.

Made in the USA. Amish handcrafted by Woodland Harness

Leather Valet Tray may vary slightly in coloration and shape from picture. This is due to being handcrafted .

Material: Leather

Color: Brown

Inside dimensions 8.25″ x 5.75″
Outer border 1.25″

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