XM-18 3″ Wharncliff-Chaos Paws-Working Finish-Purple/Blue-Blue G10

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The Wharncliff

The Hinderer wharncliff blade style is one of the most useful blade styles to be had in a knife! The straight edge design holds a lot of slicing power while the nimble tip makes those precise cuts a breeze. The upward sloping angle of the blade in relation to the handle is the secret to its superior slicing ability and the design of the top swedge allows for more strength the the tip. The Wharncliff has always been a big Hinderer Knives favorite!


Rick Hinderer




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SKU: XM-18 3" Wharncliff-Chaos Paws-Working Finish-Purple/Blue-Blue G10
Category: The Ranch Hound Member Specials
Tags: XM18
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Blade Grind: Wharncliff
Blade Steel: CPM20CV
Blade Length: 3″
Handle Length: 4.125″
Overall Length: 7″
Blade Thickness: 0.140″
Lockside Thickness: 0.125″
Liner Thickness: 0.050″
Overall Handle Thickness: 0.425″
Handle Material: Blue G10
Blade: Working Finish
Lockside: Stonewash Purple/Blue Paws
Blade Steel: CPM20CV

*Blue anodized titanium hardware*

Weight: 0.5 oz
Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 5 in

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