Hinderer Lock 300x300The Hinderer Lock Bar Stabilizer is an over travel stop, meaning it prevents the accidental over travel of the lock bar during closing of the knife. When designing the Lock Bar Stabilizer the problem I wanted to correct concerning over travel is the complete over springing of the lock bar thereby rendering the knife useless. I am firefighter as a lot of you know…while working at an accident scene I was using one of my Firetac’s to cut the upholstery material around a seat post prior to using the jaws to cut the post…being that it was a devastating wreck, and my adrenalin was running high, not to mention the fact that I was wearing heavy gloves, I pushed the lock bar way to hard thereby springing it, and of course the blade could no longer lock, not a good thing to happen, especially at that time! I knew then I needed to do something about it…The other issue I wanted to address was the lock bar springing towards the back of the knife when gripping it. Sometimes the movement in the lock bar is not really noticeable when using the knife under normal conditions, but when you use the knife really hard, and grip it hard you WILL move the lock bar. This is because to make a frame lock or liner lock knife you have to cut the long slot in the frame or liner to create the lock bar, it does not matter what size slot you cut you will still have material missing there…simple physics suggests that you have a lever and it will move toward the back of the knife…guaranteed…now, what does this mean…1, whenever you have movement in a mechanism it is a chance for that mechanism to fail..2,extra movement in the lock to blade joint will wear the lock face quicker…3,when the blade is locked up on a frame lock with the lock bar stabilizer there will be absolutely no movement in the lock….