RBT – 2020 Filler Tab-Titanium-Stonewash-Biohazard-Single Hole

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The year 2020 will certainly go down in history as perhaps the most tumultuous years in history, Covid19 Pandemic, demonstrations, riots, presidential election, ect…What better way to mark this year than with the official 2020 filler tab! These are deep laser engraved with our horse head logo and a biohazard symbol making the year 2020. With a multitude of colors and materials available you will sure to find the one to accent your Hinderer knife perfectly! Gets yours now because once the year passes to 2021 so will these tabs!

Rick Hinderer


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Category: Rick's "Buried Treasures"

These will fit all models of Hinderer folders except the Maximus

They are made in the “single hole” variation

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