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Here at Rick Hinderer Knives we love the outdoors! Hunting, Hiking, Camping if its outside we are there! And the most essential piece of kit to accompany you in the outdoors is a quality pack! RHK has teamed up with Triple Aught Design to bring you exclusive Rick Hinderer Knives branded TAD Fast Pack EDC and Fast Pack Litespeed. These packs are industry leading in superb design, quality build, and comfort! I have been using a TAD Litespeed for 10 years and after hard use on the trail, two trips up Mt. Saint Helens, and many trips through airports and under plane seats the pack still looks new! So, when I was looking to offer a pack to Rick Hinderer Knives customers, I called up my long-time friends at Triple Aught Design and asked if we could do this project! My relationship with TAD goes back many years starting with the development of the first Dauntless folder and continuing with many different Hinderer Knives/TAD exclusive projects. With this project we decided on the Fast Pack EDC in coyote, and the Fast Pack Litespeed in popular Woodland Camo. Both packs come with the RHK Flaming horse logo embroidered strategically placed at the top center of the pack!


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