RHK Eklipse-Deep Laser-Clip and Tab FULL SET

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The 2024 total eclipse, visible by Wayne County Ohio, is a big deal to the Ranch! In 2017, the Ranch witnessed roughly an 80% coverage and this event lead to the naming of the Hinderer Eklipse. For the 2024 eclipse, we are introducing a new design to our clip and tab sets! We are featuring a total solar eclipse, a phenomenon only witnessed by specific parts of the globe for only a short amount of time and this year, the Ranch just happens to be within the area to see the total eclipse.


SKU: RHK Eclipse-Deep Laser-Clip and Tab
Category: Recent Accessories, Recent Items, Misc Laser Themed Clips and Tabs

These will fit all models of Hinderer folders except the Maximus

These clips are marked with the Hinderer Knives “Flaming Horse” logo on the back to assure you of their authenticity as a genuine RHK made product

Please note that these items will have an extended shipping window and may not ship within the 3 business day standard.

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