Titanium Smooth Scale for XM-24 4″

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The Hinderer XM solid titanium scale replaces both the G10 handle scale and the titanium liner on your XM Folder making your knife a full titanium powerhouse. The scales are CNC precision manufactured from 6AL4V titanium, and available in various textures and finishes. To install the scale simply unscrew the 3 handle screws and pivot screw, remove your G10 scale and titanium liner, and re-assemble with the titanium scale.

SKU: scale-xm24-ti-smooth
Category: Scales, XM Titanium Scales, XM-24 4" Scales

We have 2 styles available, smooth and our standard XM-Texture

XM-24 GEN 2, not compatible with the first 10 GEN 1’s

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