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Following in the famous footsteps of our other Vintage Series releases is our new XM Slippy Vintage Series! As with our other models we took the XM Slippy and changed it up retro style! Starting with the blade steel I used the tried and true through the years 0-1 Tool Steel, this carbon steel was developed over a hundred years ago as a premium blade steel and literally hundreds of thousands of knives and countless pleased hunters and sportsman have been overly pleased with its ability to take a keen edge and keep that edge for a long time! I had these blades Parkarized for a durable rust free coating, the same treatment as military grade hardware since the days of WW2. The liners are 6al4v titanium that has been anodized green and then given our special Vintage treatment. For handles we again chose natural walnut treated with boiled linseed oil for a durable warm finish that really shows the individual character of the wood. This is a slip joint style folding knife which really lends itself well to the Vintage treatment as the pocket knives of old were almost exclusively a slip joint style. So if you would like to slip back in time to the grand days of the pocket knife but still retain some modern style add the XM Slippy to your daily carry rotation!

Rick Hinderer


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SKU: SKU 68163
Category: XM Slippy
Tags: XM Slippy
Blade Style: Spearpoint
Blade Length: 3.0″
Handle Length: 4.125″
Overall Length: 7.125″
Blade Thickness: 0.108″
Weight: 3oz
Blade Steel: 0-1 Tool Steel-Parkarized
Handle Material: Natural Walnut
Finish: Vintage
*Includes a fully adjustable one hand thumb opening disk*
*Each knife is individually serial numbered*

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