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The rush to get a 2022 Rick Hinderer Knives Card Series is going to be a BATTLE FIELD… to Pick Up this year’s Project! We’ve been asked for more Project X and more BPU, so we did both! The handle is made from oiled Mahogany wood with the Hinderer Horsehead Logo burned into the handle. Each knife will be individually serialized with it’s own “card” from the standard deck of playing cards, plus the two jokers! For example, the 3 of Hearts set will include the Project X serialized with the “3 of Hearts” deep laser engraved on the lockside, a set of copper BPU dice with the RHK logo lasered engraved and the Copper BPU Extreme Duty Pen, also with the “3 of Hearts” engraved in the body.

We brought back the custom box from last year that will house all parts of the complete set, but we put it through the ringer and applied the BPU theme to the box and lid. The aluminum display started with the base of the box being a SOLID billet of aluminum and then we CNC milled the entire box from that solid billet inside and out! The lid is also aluminum with adjustable magnetic closures to keep the lid closed and custom made titanium lid stops that fold neatly into the base. Also, the lid is mill engraved with the RHK Horse Head logo inside and out! The Type 3 black hardcoat anodizing is then highlighted around the edges of the lid making for a very nice, elegant look! The display box alone is a real treat in quality!!

Please allow an additional 1 to 2 weeks in order to process, package and ship all orders.


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SKU: Ace of Hearts
Category: Card Series

This set includes the following:

  • 1 Project X Clip Point – Battle Black BPU – Mahogany Scale
  • 1 Copper BPU Extreme Duty Pen
  • 1 Set of Copper BPU Dice
  • 1 Deck of Project X “35 Year” Playing Cards
  • 1 Custom made Aluminum BPU Display Box

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