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For the second model I decided to depart from the traditional dagger and incorporate some very cool features that I feel the commando’s in WW2 would definitely have voted for! While leaving everything about the handle the same as the first model I made all the changes to the blade on this second model I call the “Hollow Ground” Dagger. What do I mean by that? Leaving the facing side the same double edge on the reverse side I scalloped the entire blade into a wide concave surface. It essentially makes this dagger a “chisel” ground type. And again, all bevels are CNC 3-D machined. This cross-sectional shape is very similar to the “tri” blade bayonets of the 18’s. To complete this very unique blade I added a concave “thumb print” similar to the Case V-42 of WW2.

Battlefield Pickup Series-

This ongoing series that is included in all of the products that we make here at Rick Hinderer Knives grew from my other passion which is military history. What I have done is taken my regular production Knives, Pens, and accessories and made them look like a military artifact that was picked up right off of a battlefield! The finish on the blades, handles, hardware, ect. is meticulously applied by hand to give it that unique very special look. Because of this the finishes WILL vary from what is pictured. Also, you will find on some of the BFPU series products markings called proof marks, and cartouches that were applied by military and arsenal inspectors to weapons, bayonets, knives and other military items before the item was shipped to the government arsenals. This really cool touch gives all Rick Hinderer Knives BFPU products a unique flair not seen anywhere else! As an extra special touch all BFPU series knives are serialized with a special serial number. And ALL BFPU products are a very limited quantity!

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SKU: Rick Hinderer Knives "EK" Dagger-Battle Field Pickup-BPU373-CPM 3V-Black Micarta
Category: Hinderer "EK"

Specs for Hinderer “EK”

  • Blade Length: 6.5”
  • Blade Width: 1.125”
  • Blade Thickness: .1875
  • Handle length: 5.75”
  • Overall Length:12.25”
  • Handle width: .900”
  • Steel Type: CPM 3V
  • Kydex sheath made by Buy Brown

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