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For the year of 2019 it has been about Vintage at Rick Hinderer Knives. We have carried this through to our Investigator line of hard use pens! Introducing the Vintage Investigator Pen dressed in our new Flames pattern!

Drawing on the success of the Extreme Duty pen I realized there was a need for a hard use heavy duty pen, that while still tough, overbuilt, and capable, had to be available in a smaller size. I designed the Investigator Pen to meet those requirements. Pulling from the design features of both the Modular Pen and the Extreme Duty pen which include the perpendicular traction groves that run around the pen body to the course deep threads for the cap and end pieces, this small pen packs a big punch! Precision CNC machined from premium materials including aerospace aluminum, grade 2 Titanium, Brass, copper and 303 SS ensures that the Investigator pen will tackle the most difficult of tasks and still keep writing! The Investigator Pen will also be a proud memento to hand down from generation to generation! Hinderer Knives, The first and still the leader in hard use pens!
Rick Hinderer


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  •  Modular design so the user may add a multitude of end attachments to configure the pen however the person or job dictates, using different end attachments such as the Bullet(included), the Flathead, and the Warhead
  •  Made from 303 SS
  •  Heat “colored” to give the effect of a well used Vintage pen. With the hand heated manner of which the Vintage finish is applied no two pens are alike!
  •  The Flame pattern is CNC mill engraved into the body of the pen around the circumfrence.
  • Designed and manufactured using state of the art CNC and CAD_CAM technology.
  • Uses Fisher Space Pen full size refills (pn# SPR4B)


3/8 in Diameter

4-1/4 in overall length



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